What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

If you’re anything like me, you have fond memories of Final Fantasy II  (IV in Japan) for the SNES. At the time it did what any great video game sequel does. Take what works from the original, use it as a foundation and build up on it. It gave us an interesting and in depth story (with cinematic opening), well defined characters and excellent graphics. After playing it for five minutes it made you forget all about Final Fantasy I.

*Side Note: This of course would be surpassed in a few short years by Final Fantasy III (Final Fantasy VI in Japan for those keeping score) for the SNES and ultimately Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 1 which could very well be the pinnacle of RPG video games. But at the time Final Fantasy II was the greatest.

After beating Final Fantasy II (IV!) did you ever wonder what happened to Cecil and Rosa? What about Kane, the yojimboing Dragoon? Well, like 99% of the world, probably not. However, in 2008 the Nintendo Wii produced a downloadable WiiWare gamed called Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, set 17 years after the end of the original game.

It features the familiar roster of characters, a few of their children and some completely new ones as well. It utilizes the same maps (with some new locations and dungeons) character design/graphics and that wonderful music we’ve all grown accustomed too.

There are a few drawbacks that I’d be remised to not talk about. The game takes an episodic approach where you follow one of the heroes quest per game and each of these has to be purchased individually. The other big downside is that enemy attack ratio is insane, every 4 or 5 steps you get thrown into a battle. This can become very, very annoying. All in all though, it’s a mindless RPG where you won’t have to learn new things. In fact, I’m not even sure I could properly recall the storyline (something about the second moon returning and the crystals being stolen again?)  If you’re looking for something new that feels old and familiar or if you’re a fan of 16 bit era RPG games this one is for you.

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  1. Sounds like they kept the encounter rate the same, or made it as hard as the difficulty in the original japanese version. Its probably mindless storyline-wise, but I imagine if they did anything more complex, people would pitch a fit. While the encounter rate is bad in this, I once played a modern rpg where it was more like 2-3 steps in some locates, but because of that, you never had to grind.

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