Wherefore Art Thou, Cap Shield?

If the zombie apocalypse started right then, we’d have been totally screwed. Come on, in a room full of nerds that big, I couldn’t have been the only one thinking it.

Hello again Evil Geeks! What a wild and crazy ass weekend we had in NYC for the con last weekend! The comics! The panels! The costumes! All of it combining in such a lovely and welcome attack on our geek senses, effectively lulling us into a coma of awesomeness. If you’ve been following our pre and post New York Comic Con coverage, you may have come across our article from last week where we talked about the things each of the Evil Geeks were looking forward to at the Con. This Marvel True Believer was really hyped up at the possibilility of picking up a sweet replica Captain America shield at the Javitz this year! If the amount of time you spent in the theater this summer wasn’t enough of an indication, this little film called The Avengers earned every single available monetary unit this year and surely, SURELY there would be mass market demand for a hi-quality movie shiled replica?!?! Somebody definitely would sell them at Comic Con! On top of that, where else would be as perfect a place to pick up what I would consider to be the physical embodiement of the totality of my geekiness? Picking up a Cap shield at the NYCC would be like traveling to Jerusalem to pick up your dashboard Jesus statue. It would be like traveling to the offices of Marvel Comics to have Stan Lee personally hand you your weekly comics.

“Still want me to pull all those Batman books for you every week? Here, now you read X-Treme X-Men. Excelsior, muthaf%$#a!

I saved all year, just specifically so I could buy a shield. It would look fucking AMAZING mounted over my TV! It would look even more amazing whenever I got drunk and took it down so I could play around with it! I couldn’t wait to fork over the mountain of cash required to pay for it. As soon as I hit the floor on Friday it was the first thing I began looking for; I was offically on a mission to procure. So, how’d I do? Horribly. If I were in the market for a cheap plastic replica, then this would have been the place to be. I wanted bettter than that though, I wanted a really good metal one. I got close twice, but not nearly close enough. The first one I found was perched on a high shelf in one of the more vertically oriented booths, priced at $95, which was my first red flag. I’ve scoped some out online, and the type I wanted would cost me at least $350 or so.. Even from where I was standing, I could tell this wasn’t going to be the one I was taking home. It had rivets on the outside of the shield from where the strap connects in the back; but when the vendor took it down for me there was NO STRAP ON THE BACK! WTF?!?! Why put on the fake rivets, if there isn’t anything that’s going to be riveted down?! The worst part was, when the guy handed it to me, it seriously felt like it was made of tin foil. It was a glorified pizza pan, with stripes and a star painted on the bottom. Ehhh….this isn’t the shield I’m looking for.

I got incredibly close the second time. As we were walking near the back wall, by the permanent traffic jam created by the Doctor Who store, we came across a booth that had EXACTLY what I was looking for. They had both the colored version and the non colored version, but I only wanted a colored one. It was the right material, it appeared to be of solid construction, it didn’t have stupid, fake rivets on the front, etc. Finally! YES! This is what I came specifically for!!! Just as soon as I reached into my pocket to hand the vendors whatever amount of riches they desired, I was then infomormed that these were only prototypes and that they didn’t have the licensing rights to sell the real ones yet. DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!

Sadly, I was unable to make my big purchase for the year. I tried looking for a back-up cool thing to buy, but I was so disappointed from not getting my Cap shield that I ended up not making a large purchase. I did make several smaller art purchases though which were well worth it! More on those to come later! Until next year, I’m just going to offer prayers to a higher power in hopes that next year I can finally bring home that shield.

He is Vigo! The scourge of Carpathia, the sorrow of Booth 873…

This Evil Geek’s shields are down 🙁

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