Calling All Comic Book Nerds, I Need Your Help!

At Comic Con I was leisurely strolling through Artist Alley where all the mainstream and independent writers and artists set up shop. I saw a comic book character with a really interesting costume and made a mental note to follow up on it later on. Yea, well I was so overwhelmed with the general awesomeness and nerd art there that I totally forgot. So I’ve been asking around and searching the internet with zero results. I figured I would reach out to the readers and frequenters of the site to see if I could find out any information.

I’m pretty positive it was an independent book and all I have to go on was the character’s costume since it stood out to me. It was an all blue body suit with a black exclamation point covering most of the face mask. That’s it, that’s the only information I have.

If anyone has knowledge on the character, the artist or the company; please comment below.


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  1. I had all but given up hope on this. Thank you!!

    Apparently this series, The Answer premiers in January by Dennis Hopeless for Dark Horse Comics.

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