The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks No Longer 3 Guys Yelling About Stuff; Now 3 Guys and 1 Girl Yelling About Stuff

Pretty much the same reaction thousands of Peter Parker fans had upon hearing about The Superior Spider-Man.  Relax folks, let’s not call for Dan Slott’s head until we see the book first.

Greeting Evil Geeks!  As any good plan for world domination should go, ours is going along exactly on schedule.  So in honor of our ever-expanding influence and iron fisted rule, we’re expanding the Evil Geeks writers roster as well.  Please welcome to the site Ladylumos!  That’s right, The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks has just added its first female blogger.  Although this means we’ll be forced to wear pants whenever we’re hanging around the Evil Lair, we’re definitely glad to have her aboard and can’t wait to see what Evil Geekery she’ll be cooking up for us in the near future.

Welcome aboard Ladylumos!  

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  1. Dominion shall be ours. But I will not clean up after you boys in the Lair. 😉

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