These Aren’t The Toys You’re Looking For

Apparently I spend more time walking around toy isle at Target than I realize because that is where I saw this gem. Now, it’s no secret that George Lucas has milked the Star Wars franchise for all it’s worth. The joke is on us though because we are the suckers who keep buying it all. Let me say that it is truly amazing that in the year 2012, I can buy toys for a 35-year-old movie. The picture above is the bottom of the barrel though, who in their right mind would feel the need to own background droid characters who don’t even have dialogue? The R5-D4 ( the one all the way to left if you don’t speak “Geek”) sole moment in Episode 4 is it sparking up after Uncle Owen purchases it and making Luke exclaim “This R2 unit has a bad motivator”. Who in their right mind is clamoring to buy that toy??? Or what about the one all the way to the right whose design is clearly just a trash can? I’m sure somewhere this is making some completest very happy but some unknowing parent is going to make a little kid really pissed off when they get home and see that waiting for them on the kitchen table.

I’ll do my best to resist talking about this too. I feel like I don’t have the right since I own a Star Wars Trouble board….

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