Mos Eisley in Manhattan – The New York Comic Con Afterparty!!!

Webster Hall, you’re going to be The Evil Geeks new Saturday night thing!

It’s almost game time Evil Geeks!  We’re just a day away from the official start of the New York Comic Con (although for some of us Evil Geeks,  🙁 the invasion doesn’t begin until Friday morning).  If you plan your con trip right, the fun doesn’t always have to wrap up as soon as the Javitz shuts down for the day.  In fact, the night-time events can be just as fun as the con itself.  This year our Friday post-con night is already booked with the Nerdist Podcast (we hope to see some of you Evil Geeks there too!), but aside from possibly hitting up The Way Station and The Barcade our Saturday night was looking a little light.  Then we heard about this and suddenly, shit got real.  It’s the Comic Con after party at Webster Hall!

If the people at Webster Hall can make this happen, they’d probably just be able to take all of my money.

Yeah, I think I know where we’re heading Saturday night.  Let’s talk the big, ugly elephant in the room first; I’m not exactly “thrilled” about the dubstep music, but you know what?  Screw it, this looks like it’ll be fun!  Getting hammered while a bunch of Jedi and Sith start busting a move sounds like way to good of an opportunity to pass up.  In case you’re not familiar with the venue, Webster Hall is sweet concert venue/nightclub in Manhattan.  Without a doubt, it is one of my favorite places in NYC to see a show.

Dear God!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

If the thought of grinding up on a Gamorean Guard isn’t enough to lure you to the after party, here’s the best part of all: If you bring your NYCC pass, you get in for FREE!!!  Yup, we’re sold.  See you there!

UPDATE: See the pics from the after party here!


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