Evil Movie Reviews: In Search Of Steve Ditko

This documentary attempts to seek out legendary comic book artist, Steve Ditko. Ditko is most famously known as co-creator (or creator depending on who you ask) of Spider-Man along with Stan “The Man” Lee. Ditko created the looks of all the characters, the Spider-Man costume and illustrated the book from issue #1-38.

Hosted by British talk show mainstay, Jonathan Ross, the documentary leaves us with more questions than answers. We learn about Ditko’s time spent working at Marvel and the books he did after he left, which were of particular interest to me. Other than that we don’t get any solid facts, just a lot of grey area.

Did he leave Marvel because of his staunch conservative political views? Maybe

Did he leave over a disagreement with Stan Lee over the true identity of the Green Goblin? Maybe

Does he hate Stan Lee? Probably

What does come across throughout the film is the love and affection of his work that’s felt by Jonathan Ross and other luminaries of the comic world that were interviewed. Alan Moore, Mark Millar and Neil Gaiman amongst others all discuss Ditko’s art and influence.

Ultimately, you’re left feeling unfulfilled. We get no answers from Ditko on his side of the story. Ross is able to obtain his NYC office information and drops in for a visit off camera. We are told he is a warm, generous, happy man. But Ross isn’t legally allowed to discuss what they talked about.

All in all, this documentary is a mixed bag and depends on what you’re looking for. At the end of the day though, it’s the art work that speaks for itself.

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