To Reboot or not to Reboot? That is the Question…

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Last week we closed on the pretty sweet AvX crossover story that Marvel has been giving us for the past 6 months, and today we begin the next and new phase of Marvel Comics, titled Marvel Now. Ya know, when this was first released a few months back the internet was a buzz on whether or not this was gonna be a reboot. Marvel denied it being a full reboot, but just re-imagining of their characters, but c’mon what does that mean? What is a reboot you ask? Basically its when a publisher hits reset on its character or characters and wants to start fresh. Marvel has been coy with their exact plans, but have been putting out some interested ads for the new line.

Yes, Marvel now owns the likeness to Samuel L Jackson!

There’s a comic for the band?

Are we filming a reality series on an island with Deadpool?

I WANT to know what the hell this means…

I do like the elusive guerrilla advertising that they are attempting to use here, but there are tons of these things out there. I feel like I’m watching LOST again trying to figure some of this shit out. I guess that means they have me hooked, which leads me to my next point; will these books be good? Or are they just shaking up the status quo a little bit so we buy the number 1’s and spike sales? DC put out the new 52 and did just that, but then sales went back to normal levels again and we got stuck with some characters that used to be great and now are junk because their rich history had been stolen from them. (Except Batman, we’re supposed to try to figure out how he did everything in his past including have 3 robins in a five year period…gotta wonder if it has anything to do with those three characters having 3 of their own books now…hmmmm) Anyway, I feared that Marvel was going to go down this path with the same logic that DC had, to get a new generation of readers that really like the movie universe, but I think we are in the clear. The AvX storyline could have ended a bunch of different ways and with all their titles starting over at #1 you can understand why many thought that they were going to have some dues ex machina approach to the crisis resolution. A few years back The House of Ideas did just that and they pissed off tons of Spider-Man fans when they decided to basically have the devil wipe out a ton of Peter Parkers history including his marriage to MJ! Luckily they learned from their Spidey mistake and from the backlash that many readers are giving to DC, and instead are literally moving forward from the AvX storyline.

Yup…none of that happened now! But please don’t ask for a refund for all the cash that you spent on those comics…

I mentioned in my “If it Aint Broke” article that I was pissed at all the #1’s out there but I would rather have that than the mess that is Superman right now. It’s like DC just said “Fuck It, lets start over and change a bunch of shit!” and it didn’t work. He’s kinda their flagship guy, how did they screw him up so badly? Now they have him and Wondie together instead of Lois Lane???? WTF??? People like Bats more than Superman because at the end of the day he is just a guy in a suit, Superman on the other hand is an alien with the power to do anything, so he isn’t relatable to readers, which is why the Clark Kent persona and his relationship to Lois is so essential for the character!  It feels like he’s cheating on Lois? Right? In Superman Returns they made his into a deadbeat dad and now this? He’s supposed to be a boyscout with God-like power dammit! The cartoon Justice League made it work, a boyscout who was still badass when he wanted to be, so why won’t it work here?

Aren’t you married? Nope, we ditched the wife with the reboot!
Seriously, this feels like the whole Luke/Leia kiss thingie to me….

I understand that these capes are owned by publishers and all but the fact is that these creators are caretakers or stewards of the characters, so I hope and believe that Marvel remembers that its forged some really good stories in the past 10 years or so and moves forward without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

There is one last thing that is bothering me though…


The thing that I keep wondering about is how Marvel plans to tie these new versions of their characters to their movie characters. Seriously, a little movie called Avengers only made like 100 trillion dollars this summer, wouldn’t the company want viewers to always recognize Iron Man? Why the black armor? Why does Thor have or even need swords? He has a big hammer. And is The Hulk wearing armor? Is he Iron Hulk? Seems odd to me is all.
What are you’re thoughts?
Do you dig reboots or do you despise the concept?
Do you hate the new direction that Superman is going in as much as me?
Leave us your comments….

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