What We’re Hyped Up For At The New York Comic Con

Hey now Evil Nerd network, we’re almost there!  We’re finally within a week of the event we’ve been waiting months for, the New York Comic Con!  There’s going to be so much to see and do throughout the whole weekend: Panels! Screenings! Signings! The Ben Folds 5 show!  We’re in no way expecting a shortage of interesting sights and experiences, but of course there are going to be somethings that The Evil Geeks are looking forward to doing/seeing/buying next weekend.  To get us pumped ahead of our favorite con, we’ll let the Evil Geeks tell you exactly what they’ve got on their hit lists for this years show.  And don’t forget to keep your eye on this page in the coming days to learn how you can win some free Brotherhood of Evil Geeks swag if you’re attending the show!  It’s sure to be an EVIL contest!!!!  Without further ado, here’s what the Evil Geeks can’t wait for:


Hey Gang. So this will be year 5 for me at NYCC and I must say that I am very excited this year and I don’t even know why! Seriously, I am not looking forward to one thing particularly but rather the whole spectacle that is New York Comic Con! This year it has expanded (again) and is sold out (again) so there will just be tons and tons of people all showing their love for pop culture! One thing that I think that I’m really going to gun for is a sketch from Ethan Van Sciver. For the uninitiated, Van Sciver is an artist who does a ton of work for DC now, but also worked for Marvel on the Merry Mutants about 10 years back. Me and C-Mart saw him at Wizard World Boston like 8 years ago and I was a total con noob back then and never thought to ask him for a sketch, he was just sitting around signing some books back then and I even chatted him up a little bit, but when I thought of asking for a sketch, he was gone. I have tried every year since and have been unsuccessful, so this year I am B-Lining it to Artist Alley as soon as I get there. Who will I have him sketch? I think that I’m gonna go for either GL or Flash (but old costume, NO CHIN STRAP!) I bought a Batman sketch on eBay after the Boston Con for a great price and liked it so much that I really want my own personal Justice League drawn by the man, just one piece at a time.

If the planets align, that can be my Flash sketch!
Please Evil Geek God, HELP ME!

I’m excited for a couple panels this year too. I think that I’m going to take in at least two of ’em. Probably The Avengers and Justice League ones on Saturday…also, I plan to go see Kevin Smith and The Comic Book Men on Friday afternoon too! Last year I waited in line to see The Walking Dead panel, and although I love the show I think that I can hold out until Sunday to watch it and then watch Talking Dead afterwards…(Sorry Rick and Company, but I want to spend the day on the Show Floor not in line!) I feel that I’ve always gypped myself of the show floor because I spend too much time in panels, so I’m limiting myself this year!

I didn’t go to the JL panel last year and this is what I missed….DAMMIT!

The Time Lords got bombed and left it there!

We plan to see The Nerdist on Friday Night which we are totally psyched for, but then on Saturday I think we might venture to Brooklyn to go to The Way Station; a steampunk/Doctor Who bar that actually has a TARDIS! Also, think we might stop by the Barcade for bewz and 8-bit nostalgia!

Where you can get wasted and beat the shit outta Bowser!


This is going to be my fifth time hitting the con, so I’ve pretty much got this whole thing down to a very nerdy science.  I’m not going to be suckered into some crappy boring panel, forcing me to miss something cool happening on the other side of the Javitz at the same time!  It used to be that the con was small enough that you’d be able to slip in and out of a panel with no problem.  No matter when you showed up, there were bound to be a few seats left, if you wanted to run out to grab a drink or use the bathroom, it wasn’t a problem.  Now, not so much.  If you want to get into a panel, ANY panel, you’re guaranteed a wait in line.  There’s so many people attending now, than even the most mundane panels are standing room only, so in order to get a seat you’re going to have to get their early.  If you want to head out of the panel, chances are you’re not going to be let back in.  Sometimes it’s worth the wait, sometimes not so much.  Last year I had opted to wait in line to catch the panels for the Walking Dead and The Avengers.  Waiting to get into the IGN Theater for these panels, cost me nearly all of my Saturday.  Don’t get me wrong, they were definitely worth it, but I lost a significant portion of floor time.  We were probably among the last 100 people that they let into the theater, leaving hundreds more angrily left outside.  So even if you put in the time needed to get in, you’re still not guaranteed a seat.  I’m sure it’ll probably be the same experience again this year, but I’m seriously considering waiting for the Walking Dead panel again.  It looks like it’s going to be really great!  The full cast will be there this year (last year we had about 75%), including new soon-to-be-villain David Morrissey, who will be playing the Governor.  Robert Kirkman will be there also and it’ll will be hosted by The Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick, both of whom are always hilarious, so it is sure to be entertaining.

They can’t wait to move into the prison next season, where absolutely nothing bad will happen to anyone at all. Heh heh heh…

I’m also not getting bogged down with shopping bags full of free swag this year; no way, I know enough to take only the really good swag!  I’ve got to keep my carrying load light, because this year I’ve decided I’m going all out and splurging on ONE, crazy, outrageous, totally unnecessary, geek item.  I don’t know for sure what it will be yet, but I want it to be something ridiculously awesome.  The item I’m leaning towards right now is a replica Captain America shield.  I’m not looking for some flimsy, cheap, knockoff; no, I’m planning on going all out.  It’s going to hang on the living room wall here at the Evil Lair and stand as the Brotherhoods new sigil.  I want the DELUXE ass, solid mother f-ing steel, indestructible version.  I want to be able to bash a Skrull’s brains in with it. I want this thing to actually be able to stop bullets dammit! Not that I’d try to stop bullets with it, um no… uhhh never, yeah…  I’d be lying it I said it would spend its whole life mounted on the wall.  There may or may not be a re-enactment of the Battle of New York whenever I watch The Avengers with the sound turned all the way up on theater system whilst home alone.

Coming soon to the Brotherhood’s Evil Armory…

Another thing I’m really looking forward to that weekend is The Nerdist podcast on Friday night.  I’m a regular listener to the podcast and have seen Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira live a few times already, but it’s always a great show so I’m for sure hyped up to see them again.  Listening to their show on my iPod is one of the few things keeping me sane at work these days, so I definitely owe them a debt of gratitude.  We caught their show last year at the Gramercy Theater on the first night of the con, when Jim Gaffigan was the guest and needless to say we got more than our money’s worth in hysterical stand-up comedy that night.  They haven’t announced a guest for the Comic Con show yet, but chances are it will be a comedian who happens to be preforming in NYC that weekend (we always keep our fingers crossed for a big name guest who’s in town for the con).  Even if the guys decide to go sans guest and make it a “hostful” podcast, it’s still worth checking out.  This year Hardwick and Co. will be at the Best Buy Theater and the Brotherhood is eagerly awaiting to be in attendance once again (while most likely being in a state of extreme inebriation.


As our website’s resident noob, I am ready to be completely overwhelmed for my inagural visit to comic con. Even with these helpful survival tips It’s hard to know exactly what I am going to be in for. I plan on taking my first day slow and just wandering around trying to take it all in and get grip on everything. I don’t have any specific panels or booths I want to catch so I’m just going to follow my nerd instincts and see where it takes me. Saturday though, I am planning on devoting a chunk of time waiting in line to meet Christopher Lloyd and have him sign my Back To The Future themed save the dates.

I think art is going to be a real problem for me. I love it and there is going to be alot of it there. I’m going to be in proverbial nerd art heaven. I’m definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for an art reproduction of John Romita Sr.’s cover for the magazine of The Spectacular Spiderman #2. Also hoping to find the cover of the trade paperback for Kraven’s Last Hunt by Mike Zeck:

And anything by Alex Ross…literally anything. Im not a big comic book collector but I will be looking for a few graphic novels to add to my collection while I’m there (FF: The Trial Of Galactus, Silver Surfer: The Rebirth Of Thanos, The Infinity Gauntlet, some old volumes of the Marvel Essential Series, etc.). Also, I’m on the lookout for a legitimate Star Wars Lego set of Jabba’s Sail Barge from Return Of The Jedi. Unfortunately, it was released some years ago and the cheapest I can find it online is $200. Yes, you read that correctly, $200. Comic Con, please come through for me.

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