Prometheus Out On Blu-Ray/DVD October 9

This is just a reminder that Ridley Scott’s (kind of) prequel to his Sci-Fi masterpiece, Alien comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD tomorrow. Prometheus has left a lot of viewers divided. While I do acknowledge it certainly has flaws it was still vastly enjoyable to me. Above all else it felt good to see a well done Sci-Fi movie again, especially one that looked as good as this one. This of course is all the more reason to buy it on Blu-Ray. Despite your own personal feelings on it, I think we can all at the very least agree upon Michael Fassbender’s excellent performance as David, the android.

The release boasts the usual director commentary, making of featurettes and at least 40 minutes of deleted scenes that will hopefully clear up some things that were left a little hazy. Perhaps it will even give us some more of that sweet, sweet Xenomorph.

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