You’re Never Too Old For Legos…Especially Star Wars Legos

I’m not sure when Lego began merchandising legitimate franchises, but it’s amazing. The fact that you can buy Pirates Of The Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Batman Legos is unreal. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed what I grew up with, but now it’s a little cooler than having generic space themed Legos or medieval legos. The other day I was in Target perusing the toy isle and stopped when I saw they had Lord Of The Rings Legos. I was planning on picking up this one just so I could have a Lego Gandalf.

My girlfriend quickly brought me to my senses by showing me something much, much better.

It’s not Jabba’s sail barge, but dammit it’s the next best thing. Let me tell you about some of it’s strong selling points.

  • Lando in his Jabba’s guard outfit
  • Bobba Fett

I’m not gonna lie, the Sarlacc pit pretty much immediately sealed the deal. This is actually on the back of the box:

Anyway, this was obviously purchased, put together that night and now sitting next to a huge Lego millennium falcon.

Long live the power of Legos.

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