The Single Greatest Unbroken Movie Streak Ever

This is my theory, try and prove me wrong. Harrison Ford has the strongest unbroken movie streak of all time. Don’t believe me? Observe: During a four year span (1980-1984) Ford starred in the following movies:

1980 – The Empire Strikes Back

1981 – Raiders Of The Lost Ark

1982 – Blade Runner

1983 – Return Of The Jedi

1984 – Temple Of Doom

No two ways around it, this is an impressive run. All of these movies are varying degrees of classic.  Even the fact that the second Star Wars movie and the first Indiana Jones movie were made a year apart is astounding.

I know we geeks can be pretty biased about the things we like, but I absolutely believe in this. I’m not saying there haven’t been actors who have made a higher number of better movies than Harrison Ford because there definitely has. I just don’t think (or at least no one jumps out in my mind) there has been an actor who has made 5 consistently classic movies in a row. Usually when someone gets on a hot streak of 2 or 3 truly great movies there’s a dud in there somewhere or at least something less compelling or less deserving of “classic” status.

So anyway, there you have it. I officially leave this open for debate.

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  1. @Andrew Lovgren – I’ve never seen Witness, but I read that it does involve Harrison Ford and the Amish. I’m totally in.

  2. I’m sure there are some actors who also have a streak like this, although I currently can’t think of one.

  3. Love Harrison Ford so much I named my cat after him. While I know he doesn’t love Han Solo, it’s my favorite of his characters, check out my post on Star Wars

  4. Witness was in that era, as well. Completely different, but completely awesome.

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