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This author likes a lot of different things, but high up on that list is Star Wars (and let’s be serious what self respecting Geek doesn’t like Star Wars?) and Westerns. Guess how I felt when I stumbled upon Timothy Anderson’s website and saw this gem:

After my shortness of breath went away I took a longer look around the site and was pleasantly surprised. Slightly lower down on my list of things that occupy more time in my life than it should is Film Noir/Pulp Novels. I think you’d agree that the inner Sci Fi nerd in anyone would rejoice at the sight of a Blade Runner or Alien pulp styled cover.

It’s striking to me in this day and age how much the artist “gets it”. Take some old school covers as an example.

I’ve got a lot to say about pulp art but I’ll save that for a future post. For now head over to Timothy Anderson’s site and check some of his amazing art prints for sale.

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