Yes, Even Geeks Get Married

I know it may be hard to believe, but even the geekiest amongst us occasionally get married. What does that mean? A Dr. Who themed ceremony? Your wedding vows read by Stan Lee (Oh, true believer!) a Triforce shaped wedding cake? Well, yes please to all of the above. But now there is a new way to invite your friends and family to your wedding in style.

Geekvites specializes in Save The Dates to indulge in your inner nerd but are subtle enough to go undetected by the general population. For example, do you love video games? Is your reception going to be in the Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World? Well even if it isn’t,check this out.

What about Hyrule?

Obsessed with Back To The Future and going to NYC Comic Con to have Christopher Lloyd sign your Save The Date? (guilty as charged). Yea, they got that too:

So fellow geeks, unite! and let your family and friends know what they are getting into at Geekvites.

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