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The little known, much less successful Rubik’s Summer Home.

Happy Saturday Nerdy Brothers and Sisters!  It’s shortly after noon here at the Evil Geek Lair, so as you can imagine we’re all just creeping out of our evil beds for the day.  After a busy day of running errands, doing laundry, shopping at an evil supermarket, etc. (we’re doing none of these today, we’ll pretty much be sitting around in our jammies, covered in our own evil filth waiting for tonight’s episode of Doctor Who to start.  Come on, I know WAAAYYY more of you are out there doing the same thing), you’re probably going to want to watch a flick and relax tonight, right?  If you’re up for a some horror and a whole lot of bloody fun, then I can’t recommend enough that you pick up or download a copy of Joss Whedon’s Cabin In the Woods!

To start us off, let’s talk about the rock solid, geek pedigree this film brings to the table.  It’s directed by the Uber-Geek Who Apparently Can Do No Wrong, Joss Whedon (I’m not even going to mention what he’s done before, I’m sure you all know.  Let’s just say it rhymes with The Mavengers.  I will mention though his upcoming adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, which my inner literary nerd is anxious to see) and co-written by Whedon and long time collaborator Drew Goddard, whose resume seriously looks like a nerd Blu-Ray wish-list.  For starters, Goddard has written on past Whedon projects Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  In addition to these, he’s also worked on Alias, and Lost; he’s written the movie Cloverfield and is working on it’s supposed upcoming sequel, as well as currently being hard at work on the script for Robopocalypse, which will be directed by Stephen Spielberg.  Whedon, J.J. Abrams, and Spielberg?!?!  What demon did this guy strike a deal with to get this lucky?!?! So, with names like Whedon and Goddard on board, you know you are in for a delightfully geeky treat.

I honestly don’t even know how I can review this movie other than saying “HOLY CRAP DID I LOVE IT!!!!!”  Saying much else besides that is to risk giving away what’s really going on within this movie.  To say it is a mindbender would be to shortsell the jack-in-a-box surprise that the lost 20 or 30 minutes of the movie is.  The movie starts off with a couple of people in a lab/office setting, just bantering about normal everyday stuff, which is an incredibly weird way to start off a horror movie. From there, it cuts to your basic horror movie setup, a bunch of college kids are getting ready to head to Thor’s (I assure you I’m not so crazy that I don’t realize that it’s actually Chris Hemmsworth, not the fictional character he portrays in another movie.  However I find that with any film he’s in, it’s way more enjoyable if you just pretend that he’s Thor) cousin’s titular cabin in the woods.  For the first 30 – 40 minutes of the movie, it plays pretty much like your standard horror film, except for the constant cuts back to the office guys, which keeps you wondering as to what’s really happening.  Slowly, bit by bit the story starts unfolding and you get a bigger picture of what’s happening, but when the proverbial shit hits the monstrous fan, you don’t expect what’s coming. AT ALL.  I’ll admit that I THOUGHT I figured out the twist ending within the first five minutes of the movie and to some extent, I was kind of right which disappointed me a little.  But the twist that I figured out, BAM gets twisted again (try and keep up Dee) in a way that I didn’t see coming and the way the twist is executed is supremely fun to watch, thus erasing any sense of disappointment.  At one point during the ending I actually said out loud to the person I was watching the movie with “This is fucking AMAZING!”  That’s pretty much all I can say on it, because I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.  To say the very least: If you are a fan of the general horror genre, chances are you will love this movie, so SEE IT.  If you’re just up for a fun watch, I recommend the same: SEE IT!!!!

“So we’re ALL going to be in the Avengers, right?” Thor and Joss start snickering off to the side.

That’s all we’ve got for movie reviews today, but I’m sure we’ll be firing up The Brotherhood’s Evil Blu-Ray player in the near future.

Have an Evil and Geeky weekend nerdlingers!

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