What’s Killing My Social Life This Week…

Ahoy fellow Evil Geeks!  As you may already know, we geek and nerd types tend to get obsessed with the things that we’re fans of, especially when it comes to video games.  Here in “What’s Killing my Social Life This Week…”, we’re going to try to give everyone a regular update on what game or games are keeping us sequestered from society and solidifying our status as “avid indoorsmen”.  It could be a new game, it could be something one of us is going back to play again (or finish in the first place. Face it, sometimes any of us can pick a crap game that fails to hold our attention, but for some reason we just can’t let it go without forcing ourselves to beat it first.  We’re gamer score whores, what can we say?).

This week, I’m fortunate enough to be obsessing over a game worthy of the attention; Transormers:  Fall of Cybertron.

Not our picture! Please don’t sue!!! The game’s by Activision and the Transormers are property of Hasbro.

FOC is the sequel to the surprisingly great game War For Cybertron, which was released in 2010.  Up until that point, Transformer games had primarily been movie tie in games with little substance and not much flash either.  War for Cybertron catered to the hardcore fanboys and girls by tying the story to the one told in the 80’s cartoon.  War For Cybertron was a prequel to the events that took place in the cartoon series and contained plenty of nods to that predecessor.  Aside from being full of fan references, it also had some seriously solid gameplay, particularly when it came to the multiplayer portion of the game.  FOC does a fantastic job of building on the successes of the first game and adds some new variety as well.  Among the changes in the game is the welcome addition of the Dinobots for the Autobots (I haven’t made it to the Grimlock part yet, but I am DYING to get there!), the Combaticons for the Decepticons (who combine and afford you the chance to play as Bruticus, who is pretty much the same as Devastator, for part of one of the chapters, which is pretty freaking cool!), as well as the truly massive, city-sized, transforming bad-ass Autobot, Metroplex.

Somewhere up in toy heaven, where all the toys I wanted as a kid but never had eventually go, Metroplex is riding atop a GI Joe Aircraft Carrier.

Unfortunately you don’t get to play as Metroplex, but he does follow along with you as you guide Optimus Prime through a Decepticon invasion, allowing you to call on his guns and obliterate anyone in your path.  Also (kind of spoiler, but not really) there is a really satisfying part early on in the game where you can use Metroplex to stomp out Megatron like a spent cigarette.  I’d seriously pay for a game that just lined up video game representations a people/things that are really grinding my gears and let me use Metroplex to grind them into jelly.  That’d probably be better than therapy! Aside from the gigundo robots, the levels themselves are pretty epically scaled as well, allowing for plenty of exploration of each of the levels.  Each level is also beautifully rendered as the graphics are mega-sweet and detailed.   The whole game feels very similar to the Gears of War series, but there isn’t the focus on shooting from cover, this is an all out brawl!

How does it play, you ask?  WELL!  The campaign on War For Cybertron seemed pretty short, with only five levels for playing as the Autobots, and five for the Decepticons as well.  There’s not much more in FOC (six for each side) but each level is fairly long.  One thing that is kind of getting on my nerves right now is the difficulty.  It is SUPER hard.  I started out on the Hard setting and pretty quickly had to scale it back to Normal.  I’m currently stuck on a scene (spoiler again!) where Megatron returns from the dead after being obliterated literally at the hand of Metroplex, that is CONTROLLER CHUCKINGLY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!  I’m definitely no noob, I’ve been gaming since I was about 3 years old, so I’ve played some difficult titles in my time and this part of the game kicked my ass around this morning.  This game is maddeningly hard in some sections, but you always come back for more punishment because the campaign is very enjoyable.

The already proficient multiplayer system gets beefed up too, making it even better than the first game.  The customizing options are CRAZY!  You can make probably hundreds, if not thousands of different configurations of Transformer with all of the unlockable pieces.  In the first game you were kind of limited in what you could create (car, tank, truckish type of thing, jet), but FOC adds some different types of cars and trucks, as well as adding in some helicopters as well.  The weapons for each class are upgradable as well which is really nice addition.  There are the usual types of multiplayer modes, death match, capture the flag, etc, but there is also a co-op escalation mode which is fun (and also freaking hard).

They’re about to start doing the YMCA…

So if you’re looking for me this week, this is probably what I”m doing; geeking out on some Transformers.  I definitely recommend picking it up if you’re a fan of shooters.  The ability to transform into different vehicles at any point in the fight, really adds a new layer to the third-person shooter platform, so this game definitely feels fresh.  Without a doubt, I’m recommending this one.

Roll out, Evil Geeks!

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