The Pros & Cons of the New York Comic Con Pt.2: The NYCC Strikes Back

Good evening fellow Evil Geek brothers and sisters, welcome back to part two of our ramp up for the NYCC!  As we had said yesterday, we’re at the point in the calendar year when our singular focus is preparing for another epic weekend in Manhattan for this years con.  However, it’s important to not let our expectations get so inflated that we’re ultimately let down once we hit the show.  For that reason, yesterday we talked about the downside of attending the con.  After that all too brutal breakdown, it’s safe to say that some folks could be expecting a non-stop parade of vile wretchedness, therefore it’s time to get pumped back up!  (In the interest of getting us all psyched up, may I recommend reading the rest of this post to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”, which as we all know is the ultimate song for getting revved up) Screw trying to not get too excited, the con’s going to kick ass no matter what!!!  Here’s a list of some of the kick-ass things you’ll come across at the NYCC:


Where do I even start with all the outright incredible things you’ll be seeing at the con?  There’s so much to go with, but for starters let’s begin with the mountains of  GEEK SWAG.   Looking for something unique to hang on your living room wall?  You just hit the jackpot, because any movie, comic, or video game anyone on the planet could ever be a fan of, probably has at least one vendor dedicated to selling posters, paintings, lithographs, or tapestries related to only that one thing.  Need a TARDIS oven mitt?  That couple over there have a case full of them, next to the potato mashers shaped like Shipwreck from G.I. Joe.  Want to pick up some shooting targets with JarJars face on them?  No problem, head two isles over and take a left.  Heads up though, he doesn’t accept Republic Credits.  Trying to score some Super Mario Brothers themed sex toys?  Well that guy’s in the alley over on the 34th Street side of the Javitz Center.  He might not actually be part of the con, but he DOES give a discount if you show him your con pass.

That R2 unit might have a bad motivator, but it also has a sweet ass projector and Xbox 360 combo in it.

“We are the heroes that your guest bed room deserves, but not the ones it needs”

An Alex Ross portrait of all of DC’s greatest heroes… and Aquaman.

What other wonders might you come across during your weekend in NYC?  I am always a fan of checking out the COSPLAYERS.  Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way first: not EVERY costume you encounter is going to be a masterpiece.  Some of them will be pretty horrible actually, but at the same time it’s still really entertaining to watch.  I don’t meant this in a mocking way either.  I certainly don’t have the balls to show up dressed in a costume that I just threw together on the subway ride over, so hats off to you folks!

4 Jedi who are currently wishing they were in a galaxy far, far away.

Some of them will be OK.

“Pound it for the All Oa Beer Pong Team, bro!”

Some of them will get weird…

If you look at Hipster Spidey’s mask very closely, you can just see a curly mustache poking through. It really makes you want to punch him so much more.

This will haunt my nightmares forever.

On the other end of that spectrum though, you will definitely see many walking pieces of art.  Not stuff you pick up at the local Halloween store either; it’s all stuff that you can tell these people spent months upon months working on and building from scratch at home.  you’ll undoubtedly want to get some pics of those costumes, so alway remember to be cool about it and ask for permission first when you can (obviously if they’re already posing for people taking pics, then it’s ok to just click away).  Don’t just run up like some greasy paparazzo and start flashing your camera in their faces.  Let me tell you though, you will encounter some spectacular costumes:

12 people were tragically killed today when a robot known only as “Bumble Bee” transormed in the middle of a crowd today. Megatron also remains at large.

It’s Maestro dammit, MAESTRO! NO ONE CALLS ME BOB!!!

Oh, let’s not forget the hot girls in sexy costumes either!

Helllllllooooooooooooo, Norse!

I am the droid that you’re looking for…

Moving on from the costume and cape set, there’s still loads more great stuff that makes the experience of the con totally worthwhile.  Like all the cool exhibits, demos, and displays put on by the various media companies at the con.

The replica of the Helicarrier War Room from the Avengers at the Marvel booth.

Somewhere near the banks of the Arno, Alfred is enjoying a Fernet Branca.

I for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

The chance of running in to “celebrities” on the show floor.

DotCom from 30 Rock was actually really cool. He was promoting his presidential campaign. I totally lied and said I’d vote for him.

There’s a whole host of other fun things going on at the con besides this stuff also, like comic preview/discussion panels; movie, tv show, and video game previews, piles of free swag and promos, and oh yeah, there’s the one thing that started all this hoopla: COMICS!!! Aisles and isles of new, old, or rare comics, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and pretty much anything you comic you might ever want to get your hands on.  It’s the stuff that brought us here in the first place and tends to get brushed aside in the modern con era where other forms of media are now dominating the convention.  Who doesn’t love scouring the dollar bins for old back issues?  Or haggling over the price of a book because the corner of the cover is slightly dog-eared?  You haven’t lived until you’ve conned someone into thinking a $50 comic is only worth $10!  I will say though, in a world where Amazon or E Bay can bring us nearly anything we want, the need for actually buying books at a con is decreasing.  It’s still fun though to browse through in hopes you might find something you’ve been missing.

Alright, I’m feeling pretty good about the con again, now that I’ve palette cleansed away all the bad experiences.  27 more days to go people!!!

“Tonight, Evil sleeps alone.  But first, He walks alone… to a magazine shop… to purchase porn.”  

                                                                                                                                                          -Sir Simon Milligan  

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