The Fat Man is Back!

Hello Fellow Geeks!

I have to share with you my newest addiction that I just picked up this summer…Kevin Smith’s Fat Man on Batman! In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Fat Man on Batman is a weekly podcast of Kevin Smiths’ on the Smodcast website that talks about…you guessed it, BATMAN! And I am serious about being addicted, this shit has basically become audio crack or me! Basically, Mr. Smith and a weekly guest talk the Bat and basically how the character fits into the guests life. Currently there have been 12 episodes that are anywhere between 1 and 1 1/2 hour long and let me tell you, when they end you are frothing at the mouth waiting for next week for the same Bat-time! So far the guests have included many of the key people behind the Batman TAS including Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Mark Hamill, and Batman himself Kevin Conroy! I’ll tell you what, I have seen every episode of the animated series multiple times and it was great to hear the behind the scenes stories of how exactly the show got started and the absolute magic that the show was! Other guests have included longtime Smith friends Walt Flanagan, Scott Mosher, and Ralph Garman. The best part of the show is that its just a conversation between 2 people about their life and how they connect to Batman and it is done in total Kevin Smith fashion, with tons of dick and fart jokes! It is seriously fun, funny, and addicting to any Batfan. The show hits all the beats too; the 90’s cartoon, the Adam West TV Show, Movie Batman talk, the god-damn auto pilot, and of course comic-book Batman. Now, as you read that sentence you could be going “What does that mean, aren’t they all Batman?” But any actual Batfan knows that they are all different versions of the same base idea, but live in different kinda worlds. The show is not for virgin ears either, if you are a fan of his movies, then you’ll be a fan of Smith’s podcasts because he is F-Bombing all over Gotham and inappropriateness is everywhere! 🙂 But with that said, he has a massive respect for the character and it shows throughout the show. The Walt Flanagan episodes have been my favorite so far because they really talked about the comic universe and they talked their favorite Batman stories going way back to classics that some people have never heard of. Also, listening to Kevin Conroy tell his story was simply compelling. He really was not a Batman fan or anything, but somehow the job fell into his lap which is the complete opposite of Mark Hamill, who’s 2-part episode revealed just how much of an uber-nerd Luke Skywalker really is! (But in a good way…)

The podcast took about a month off and I was literally checking my iTunes account daily looking for it and then screaming “Hulk Smash” because I wasn’t getting my fix. (I know nerds, I threw Marvel continuity into a DC talk, settle down!) Well, I’m proud to say that it is back and still fuckin’ awesome. This week’s guest is Ralph Garman. They chat about The Dark Knight Rises, but in a much different way than you may expect. This episode is full of one-liners that had me cracking up the entire time. The best part of the podcast in general is that as I mentioned previously, Kevin Smith loves Batman, and as with anything that you become intimately acquainted with, after awhile you feel the need, the necessity, and that you have the right to just rip into it, which they do regularly. Its like, Fuck You! I know Batman, so I will crack jokes about the auto pilot all day, but if you try to act like Batman is not important I will defend him with my dying breath, and throw my homemade Batarang money clip at your head! So basically, the whole show is from a real fan’s perspective. I mean, the only thing better than reading comics is talking comics and this is basically what it’s all about.

Check out the podcast if you wanna laugh your ass off and learn all sorts of Batman knowledge on a weekly basis.

OK. I’m outta here. Stuff to do. Maybe I’ll get around to fixing the damn auto pilot.

Later Nerds
Now…You have my permission to die.

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