Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: The Bartimaeus Sequence

There are so many amazing science fiction and fantasy novels out there that I want to recommend to my fabulous geeky followers, and so many more that I would want to read myself just in order to share it with you all. Books that bring you to tears, stories that stimulate your mind, novels that leave you questioning your believes and wanting more. But a more rare quality of a novel for me is one that has me laughing out loud. You know, LOL, or ROTFL for you younger folks. Some can induce a smirk or a good chuckle, but it is the rare piece of prose that has you bursting out in laughter until your sides hurt. Today I want to suggest to you a series of novels that did just that for me. The Bartimaeus Sequence is witty, action-packed, and above all a series that will have rolling on the floor with laughter at times. Continue forward for a relatively spoiler free description of this amazing series.


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The Marvel Trade Paperback Dilemma

Not too long ago, I was reading a lot of Marvel titles. As far as I was concerned they were killing it when they launched Marvel Now. Currently, I’m only reading Bendis’ two X-Men titles and the rest is exclusively put out by Image. One of the major things that bugs me about Marvel’s business practices is their trade paperback releases.


I really dislike the small trades that have become the standard today. You know the ones that sometimes have 4 or 5 issues in them. I prefer long collected trades that cover an author’s entire work on a series, but I realize this isn’t always an option especially if the run is still ongoing. I buy those smaller trades from Image comics because I know there is a chance that that will be the only way those stories will be collected. With notable exception of monster hits like Saga which are bound for big lavish trades with lots of available material in it. Image at least puts their trades out in paperback first and charges $9.99 for the inaugural volume. Generally, Marvel will collect the most recent issues of a series and release a hardcover trade for $25 playing on the fact that some fans will of course buy anything and others only read in trades so they are eager to catch up on the story. 7 or 8 months later they will release the paperback version of the same trade for $20.

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Cosplay 101: Cosplay Consent


Hello cosplay guys and gals! I’ve decided to do a column called “Cosplay 101″ since I am now officially an author for EvilGeeks.com! I’ll be discussing different points of interest and lessons in cosplay for all!  Let’s get started, shall we?

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Ep 87 – Evil Geeks Disassembled: Return To Dimension X – Chris Claremont’s X-Men Part 2


Welcome to the second part of Biff & Kang’s long form discussion on Chris Claremont’s historic run as writer for the X-Men. This episode focuses on the later portion of his tenure from the often misunderstood (but fascinating) Outback era and the Siege Perilous up to 1991’s launch of X-Men Vol. 2 with artist Jim Lee. We also pick our X-Men dream teams from the Claremont era. So come take a trip down memory lane with us and possibly learn something while you’re at it. Get comfortable and give a listen.

(You can find Part 1 here)

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The Return of The Doctor: Arthur’s Dream Match-Ups

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. After a long period of waiting and sitting in such rabid anticipation, the new season of Doctor Who is just a week away, and us Geeks are having a hard time not freezing ourselves in an avalanche to avoid having to wait. Unfortunately, most of us would die ( I, of course, am immortal so I don’t have to worry about that) so we have graciously and humbly decided to just deal with the wait, and sit patiently until the hour finally arrives.

We have already been made privy to a slight taste of what is to come this season in terms of returning villains and characters, but we have also been made aware that this season is going to be darker than previous ones. The only thing I can say about that….is a resounding YESSSSSSS. We are going to get Daleks, we are going to get Cybermen, and we are going to get dinosaurs messing things up, and I can only hope that its just as good as Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. I personally have been trying to steer clear of teasers and info snippets because I don’t want to get overexcited, but with the return of past villains, it sort of got my mind working.

We all know the TARDIS is capable of going through time and space, but sometimes, on rare occasions, it can cross over into other dimensions. This, I feel has been sorely underutilized, but I understand it is for good reason as that could easily bring the series into a different direction that would not be very much in line with the series’ roots. However, it doesn’t stop one from thinking what would and could happen if the Doctor crossed over into other dimensions and universes. After much thinking, I came up with 2 lists of 3 situations. Now before you start, let it be known that these are things that will never happen or appear on Doctor Who….mainly because the world is not yet awesome enough to have it happen. So with that out of the way, let us get on with it. Also, there may be some recurring things from a specific universe that I would love the Doctor to have a hand in, and that is the Dark Tower universe…..deal with it jerks.

COMPANIONS: The Doctor’s companions are usually a huge part of the series. Along the way though, he does meet some people who are not actual companions, but more akin to one episode friends who either impact his life or impact ours in some way. If I had my way, the Doctor would most definitely cross paths with these people.

  1. Roland Deschain and The Ka-tet:


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Chitauri

I was watching The Avengers for probably the 12th time this week when I realized I needed to write a post on those crazy aliens that come through the Tesseract portal at the end of the film. There are many shapes and forms, and like in most superhero movies they successfully destroy over half of Manhattan. So today I am going to bring you more details than you could ever desire about this alien species known as the Chitauri.


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