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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Brotherhood Of Evil Geeks family to yours!



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The Things I Do For Comics – Deathstroke (2014) #1

2014-11-06 12-12-30

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…

A few weeks back I stopped into my local comic shop to grab my weekly pull list and a friend of mind recommended I take a look at the shitshow that is the newly relaunched Deathstroke series. You see, he knows that I love awful movies and tacky art in an ironic sort of way, and this one seriously took me by surprise. So here I am , suited up once more to dredge through the sewer line that is the New 52.

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Zombie Round Up: Crossed

Hello again my ghoul-loving followers, Lilith here with this weeks review of the latest episode of our beloved Walking Dead. It’s getting dangerously close to the mid-season finale (you know, that time of the show when they have to kill off one of our favorite characters yet leave us on the edge of our seats so we can’t wait to come back to the show in February). You can tell the episode is gearing us up for some major action next week, which has me excited and terrified at the same time. (Just FYI, I am rioting if they kill Glenn). Here’s my take on the episode this week, spoilers and all.


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Ep 098 – The Animated Show – Star Wars Rebels

Whats Up Geeks!

Like Star Wars? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be here, right? Well then you probably want to listen to this little podcast surrounding the newest Star Wars animated series simply titled Rebels! After that Big Evil and Greekimus review the newest version of Disney Infinity just in time for all that holiday shopping…Enjoy!

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May the Force be with You!

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All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. Please click on the “About Us” tab for our takedown policy.

Evil Geek Book Report – Marvel Mythos

I had never heard of Marvel Mythos, but as I started digging around for information about Paolo Rivera after my fateful encounter at Comic Con this year, I couldn’t escape it. Released as a series of one shots between 2006-2008 (during my self-imposed comic book exile) each issue was a retelling of some of Marvel character’s origins and first issues. The stories are adapted by Paul Jenkins and fully painted by Paolo Rivera, making this a nice companion piece to the classic Marvels miniseries.


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TV From The Crypts: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3

You all know I had a bit of a rant recently about how kick ass Buffy is. Re-watching season 3 has only led me to stand by my previously asserted beliefs more strongly. I had forgotten how fun this show was and am so glad that I am reliving this isolated part of my teenage years so as to bring you my reviews of one of Whedon’s masterpieces. Spoilers to follow nerds!


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