The Vikings: Season 3 – Episodes 1+2


Lay your weapons beside me, and let me tell you a tale of glory and bloodshed….

Welcome back all of my fine Pagan brethren to another season of the Vikings. You may have noticed that I am combining the first two episodes into one review, as it has been a couple weeks of near blackout nights for your boy, Arthur. Anyways, if you have been keeping up with the series from the beginning, then you guys are all pretty much aware of what has been happening with Ragnar and our crew. If not, you may want to go peruse my write-ups of the last couple seasons. With that out of the way, let’s jump into it.

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Pulp Corner: Double Indemnity

If you’ve ever looked into film noir, no doubt you’ve come across Double Indemnity. It’s often cited as one of the definitive examples of the genre. It actually transcends noir in my opinion and works effectively as a crime drama attracting a wider audience.


I won’t spend a lot of time focusing on the plot here, but if you’re not familiar it’s fairly simple. Walter Neff (played by the always likeable Fred MacMurrary) is an insurance salesman who one day by chance encounters Phyllis Dietrichson (in a noir defining role for Barabra Stanwyck). Dietrichson is married and the two go in on a plot together to murder her husband and collect the insurance money. As these movies usually go there ends up being a snag in the plan and everything begins to unravel.

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What’s Killing My Social Life This Week: The Legend of Korra


Are you a fan of the Legend of Korra series? Actually don’t answer that, it was a stupid question. I mean, it’s got awesome ladies kicking butt and looking good whilst doing it. Who could hate that? In any case, if you’ve always wanted to know what being the Avatar feels like, then the game for you is finally here (and indeed has been here for the past 4 months).

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The Things I Do For Comics – Police Academy The Comic Book

So, you know how I read and review terrible books? Like, the kinds of books you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to have to read?  Well, I was given this book so that it could be featured in this series… but little did the gifter suspect that I was such a huge fan of the Police Academy series of films that I was actually almost excited to get into this thing!  But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t terrible, so hopefully you can still get some kind of schadenfreude from my having to read it.

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Ep 108 – Better Call Sal… Brucculeri!


What’s up, Evil Geeks!?!? We’ve got a special bonus podcast for you today as writer/creator Sal Brucculeri stops by the Evil Lair for a talk with C-Mart and Undies of Wondy. Sal is the creator of C U Next Tuesday, a horror/comedy/action mash-up the pits the Bride of Frankenstein against her ex, Frankenstien’s Monster. You can and absolutely should go check it out at! Sal is also working on his next book Soul Men, which you can learn more about at Be sure to sign up for email updates to keep up on what’s looking to be a great comic!

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TV From The Crypts: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 4

buffseason4Welcome back Whedonites. Lilith here to rehash season 4 of our favorite vampire-laden TV show Buffy. Get ready for some deviations from the usual with the Scooby Gang; this season brought with it some heavy topics, full of love, science, slaying, studying and sex. Yup, Buffy and her friends are off to college this season. Spoilers to follow as I review this monumental season of Buffy.

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