Tales From Westeros – The House of Black and White

Hello again my fantasy friends, I’ve got the latest (though still feels later then I would like) review of GoT, just in time to get your precious minds thinking about what HBO has in store for us this week. This week I will give you my review and bring up some questions that we are all probably thinking. Spoilers included of course.


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Cover Of The Day 4/23/15

When it was announced that Alex Maleev would be the artist for the new Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. miniseries, I knew Dark Horse had a winning combination. The title is set in the early days of the Bureau and chronicles Hellboy’s first mission with them. A vital portion of his history which had been undocumented until now. Mike Mignola continues to expand and add considerable depth to the Mignolaverse and based on the covers for issue #2 and #5 presented here, Maleev proves that he was the perfect choice as a collaborator.


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Super Cafe: It’s On!

Whats Up Nerds!

Over the past few days there have been some big Hollywood reveals including the super-amazing-incredible Star Wars Episode VII trailer and even Jurassic World. But alas, Warner Bros. had big plans of their own to unveil the Dawn of Justice trailer in a special IMAX screen just this past Monday, but then someone caught it on their cellphone and uploaded a crappy video online and BAM! the leak happened and the nerd world had a collective mehhhhhhhhh to it.

So, was the Batman vs Superman trailer really all that bad? No, not entirely. But it wasn’t good…especially when we all saw Han and Chewy and heard Luke narrating that trailer just hours before. Not gonna lie, I was having a HORRIBLE day up to that point and that completely changed it and I was grinning from ear to ear and talking about it to my wife for the rest of the night. Because I, like you I’d imagine, love Star Wars and also because it was awesome! Anyhow, after the leak Warners had to go ahead and throw their trailer online just like Marvel did with Age of Ultron after it was leaked back in the Fall of 2014. Dawn of Justice has a gritty and ominous feeling to it that one wouldn’t expect from Superman, but honestly it feels kind of right to me based on Man of Steel. Anyways the folks over at How it Should Have Ended have given us a pretty funny interaction between the caped crusader and everyones favorite boy scout about movie trailers that totally made me chuckle. Check it out…

End of day, I’m a big DC fan so I think that Dawn of Justice will be good and my many Marvel Fanboy Friends (cough, cough, C-Mart) simply will not until we see what happens. Still though, they could’ve given us DC Fanboys a little bit more to work with here!

Later Nerds!

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Ep 117- Mandy Del Rio Stops By the Evil Lair


Hey there, Evil Geeks! This week’s show finds the host of The Indie Lounge, Mandy Del Rio, stopping by the Evil Lair. Mandy talks with C-Mart and Paulo Pinta about hosting The Indie Lounge, everyone talks about what their dream interviews would be and much more! You can check out The indie Lounge website for more info about the show at indieloungetv.com.

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They Can’t All Be Matches

While metahumans, mutants, and demigods certainly outperform actual police officers in terms of apocalypse prevention and supervillain apprehension, they are more often than not sorely lacking in another important aspect of crime fighting; Undercover work.

Take a guy like Daredevil, for instance. Daredevil can sit on a rooftop enjoying a cup of coffee (if someone who can taste each and every individual fecal coliform can ever truly enjoy anything) and listen to entire blocks of the city at a time, pinpointing crimes and swooping in to save the day. And all without the use of his eyes!  However, when it comes to getting his hands dirty and doing some deep cover reconnaissance, he sticks out like a sore thumb.

Undercover - Shades 1

I mean, maybe he doesn’t know that wearing sunglasses indoors is a fairly uncommon? He’s sitting in a bar in Manhattan in the early 1980s, I’d say we’re probably talking about a dimly lit joint. The gang here at Josie’s Bar know that this stranger is either a blind person or a serious douchebag. Like a Guy Fieri level douchebag. He has to let them know that he’s just a tough customer! A rough and tumble street smart fella who doesn’t take any guff from any tuff, and what better way to demonstrate than to toss a few guys through a window.

Undercover - Shades 2

Defenestration = Demonstration

Hey, “Shades”…. you know who throws people through that window all of the time? Daredevil. If you want to hide the fact that you’re Daredevil, try acting a bit less like Daredevil.

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Pulp Corner: The Rocketeer – The Complete Adventures


The Rocketeer is a character who has done a good job worming its way into the American consciousness over the last 30 or so years, without really doing much. I had loved the 1991 Disney movie when I was a kid, but when I watched it as an adult I felt strangely let down. IDW eventually acquired the rights to the character and put out all of the different parts that make up Dave Stevens main story and released them as a collection. It was time for me to finally investigate the hype.

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