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NYCC 2014 Pictures: The Lost Reel

Thought you were safe, didn’t you? You should know by now that New York Comic Con never truly goes away it just slowly fades into the ether. The Evil Geeks have uncovered one last reel of our photos previously thought to be “lost”. So travel back in time with us as we revisit Friday on the con floor.

If you missed out, you can check out the rest of our coverage here.

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The Avengers 2 Trailer is Here!

Hail Hydra!

Thats right Evil Geeks, today I am hailing Hydra because thanks to a leak the world got to see the trailer to Avengers Age of Ultron about a week earlier that expected so Marvel released the real one online. All I can say is “Is it May yet?”

Marvel at least has a sense of humor!

Marvel at least has a sense of humor!

Seriously, this movie looks insane based on just the little over 2 minutes that we’ve seen. James Spader’s voice for Ultron is so creepy that it gives you chills. The action is incredible and it just feels like the stakes are much higher this time. Check it out for yourself! Read the rest of this entry

Evil Geek Book Report: The Magicians

Probably thanks to J.K. Rowling the last decade has seen a massive increase in novels featuring witches, magic, and numerous fantasy worlds. And about 5 years ago a man named Lev Grossman released a novel titled The Magicians that was touted as “A Harry Potter novel for adults.” I guess I should first comment that all of the Harry Potter novels are stellar and are not just for kids, so if you haven’t read them you are truly missing out. But I was intrigued by this review and all the popular acclaim this novel got, so I decided to check it out. Continue onward for my spoiler containing review of this novel.

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To The Moon and Back: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Well I guess it’s finally time to end my self-imposed exile from the internet, and what better way to do so than with a head first dive back into something that is near and dear to my non-beating heart. I am almost positive that you all know of my love for Borderlands, and just a few days ago, we got the latest installment in the psycho murdering, bandit decapitating and loot gathering franchise that has captured me beyond what most games do. There’s just something about it.

borderlands 3 1

I intended to do a straight up review of said game, however, I felt like it would be a dishonorable move considering how my previous Borderlands article went, and figured since you guys liked that one so much, I would stick to the same formula. This will be a review, but it will also be a look into our newest set of Vault Hunters…..or shall we now call them Jack’s Hunters? No…..because it’s so much more than that.

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What the Alt?!?! Age of Apocalypse

Hey There Fellow Geeks!

So if you’ve followed some of my articles or our podcasts, you’ve probably realized that I kinda dig the concept of “The Alt”…What’s an Alt? It’s an alternate timeline, maybe the future or the past, it’s a parallel world that vibrates at a different frequency than our own, it’s a place where almost everything seems “right,” but there is that one thing that stands out and makes you go “What the Alt!” So in this new series I plan to explore various Alternate Worlds, Realities, and Futures and clue you in to some really cool ideas and concepts out there in the geek world. Does this sound appealing? Good, then keep on reading! Read the rest of this entry

The Evolutionary Patterns of Homo Superior

You know what’s missing from Marvel comics these days? It’s not just the feeling of permanence in the storytelling or the overall quality in the product they put out on a monthly basis. The notion that the creators are putting their best feet forward and not just taking monthly work to pay the bills while they publish their best stories as creator-owned works? Sure, that’s gone with the wind but there’s something else that used to be a staple of the industry, but seems to be gone for good.

The corner box illustration.

X-Men 1

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