Pulp Corner: Stephen Mooney Commission

With this year’s tax return calling my name I decided it was high time to get something that I’ve always wanted, a commission done by a comic book artist. I already knew that it was going to be some kind of dark Film Noir vibe I just had to find the right person to fulfill my idea. I had to look no further than Stephen Mooney, the author and artist behind the recent IDW two fisted pulp bonanza miniseries Half Past Danger. While the series was much more of an old school Indiana Jones type of adventure rather than a dark shadowy Noir I still thought he would be able to pull it off perfectly. Better yet, Half Past Danger already contained it’s own 1940′s Femme Fatale in Agent Elizabeth Huntington Moss who could be transported seamlessly into that world. I recently received the end result and I couldn’t have been more pleased. He absolutely nailed it.


Might I detect a hint of Rita Hayworth from Gilda?

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Tales From Westeros – Breaker Of Chains

Hi fellow Geeks, ready to experience the aftermath of last week’s Purple Wedding? This episode opens up immediately after Joffrey’s death, with Cersei prostrate over his body and Tyrion standing accused. Like seriously, seriously, in deep shit accused. As we’re left to ponder this, Sansa and Ser Dontos waste no time escaping the city, snaking through the labyrinthine streets of King’s Landing despite Tywin’s declaration that no one is to leave the capital. When they finally make it to the water, the evening mist nearly disguises the kind of murder ghost ship better suited for a future Pirates of the Caribbean movie set in hell. There’s a moment of shadowy suspense as Sansa waits to see who the faceless figure welcoming her onto the ship is, and once we know it all starts to make sense—Littlefinger. Petyr Baelish has been conspicuously absent, and he makes a dramatic return with his orchestration of Sansa Stark’s escape from the Lannister clutches. However, our relief is tempered by shock as he immediately kills Ser Dontos, leaving his body to float in a dinghy in the middle of Blackwater Bay. It’s a super undignified way to go—yet perhaps apt for a literal fool?

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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Children of Men


There are a lot of post-apocalyptic stories out there for all of us to indulge in, but every once in a while one really hits home. Children of Men was one of those films for me. I guess the story about the human race being unable to conceive children, and hence facing certain extinction, was not the reason I loved this movie. But there are many more that I want to talk to you about. This movie is one that I find myself coming back to again and again, not tiring of it’s beauty and darkness, as well as it’s message of hope and in a broken world. So I figured it was only appropriate to make a suggestions post out of it. Of course, for those of you that have not seen it already, read on for my spoiler-filled review of why this movie is one I will suggest as a personal favorite to all you evil geeks out there. Read the rest of this entry

Horror of Horrors: The Stand

Disclaimer: I expect this to have a great deal of profanity, because sometimes it’s hard to express my misery with normal words. I’ll try to keep it civil, but if you don’t like swear words, then you are a soulless husk. I am sorry to be the one to tell you. Also, there will be some humor, so calm down.

the stand

Welcome back all of you heathens and super flu survivors. I, as always, am your bringer of the end and ender of the beginning, Arthur Harkness. I know you guys haven’t seen too much of me over the last few months, and there is a reason for it, but we shan’t go into it here ( hint: I accidentally let loose Belial, and in the process, wound up going on a sort of pilgrimage to kill the fucking thing,) but in my sort of half vacation/half fuck you, I wound up catching something I have been wanting to watch for quite a while, but I just couldn’t devote the time to. I rarely have an opportunity to sit for 8 hours and watch a whole miniseries, as I like to watch it all at once, so it took a while for me to actually get to it….and I got to it, and I wish I had left it there. If you follow me on Twitter @ArthurHarkness, you’ll know that I live tweeted my entire foray into this dangerous bog of bullshit. All 8 hours of it. Ladies and gentlemen, take my hand and delve into the world of Stephen King’s The Stand, and make sure not to fuck around as we could all easily die.

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New Batman Shorts are Here!

Hey Geeks!

Batman 75
To continue to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th birthday DC has put out two new animated shorts that in my opinion really just make you miss some classic Animated Batman. The first one came out a couple weeks back and is called Batman: Strange Days by Bruce Timm and gives us a very classic interpretation of Batman taking on Hugo Strange.

This weekend at WonderCon the world got to see Darwyn Cooke’s take on Batman Beyond…Ah Batman Beyond, how awesome you were…and how awesome this short is. The only problem with both of these pieces in my opinion is simply that they were toooooooooo short, really just a tease if you ask me. Who knows, maybe we’ll get an anthology direct-to-DVD movie of a ton of Bat-Tales in the near future. God knows the market is there.

Anyway check both out below, they’re pretty sweet!

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S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Up!: Providence

Hey There Fanboys and Geekgirls


I know that I’m a bit late with this, but damn I gotta talk about this past week’s S.H.I.E.L.D. This show has been a roller coaster as of late, so much so that we dedicated our last podcast to it in fact. Anyway this is where we’re at; coming right out of Cap 2, S.H.I.E.L.D. is in ruins and HYDRA has reared its ugly head and has infiltrated the organization. Our team has been jumping around looking for the Clairvoyant and come to find out that it’s been John Garrett all along and he’s had an inside man pulling some strings with none other than Grant Ward. So what can Coulson and company do now? Read on to find out!

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