The Vikings: Boneless


Time to break out your swords and put on your raiding boots kiddies because it’s time for more Vikings! After last week’s brutal episode and plot resolution concerning Jarl Borg (that poor bastard,) we’re moving in new directions and setting sail for lands beyond our borders. Considering how the Viking Superfriends of Rangar, Lagertha and Horik all deem themselves equal, it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I’m shaking with anticipation just thinking about it.

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Vancouver: Nerd Hollywood North

beachHey there, Evil Geeks…. although I guess this time out it might be more accurate to say “Eh there, Evil Geeks”.  Have you ever found yourself watching one of your favorite TV shows, only to find yourself wondering where the show was actually shot?  The cities you see week in and week out on your television look SUPER familiar, but for some reason you can’t figure out exactly where the actors are. It looks like your average American city, but it’s too urban and compact to be Los Angeles. It doesn’t have the wholesome Midwestern feel of Chicago. It’s too clean to be New York. Atlanta? Nope, not enough strippers. Dallas? Not enough pick up trucks with gun racks on the road.  The deja vu sweeps over you as you know you’ve seen this place before. We’re you dragged there on vacation as a kid? Were you forced to visit an aged aunt there at some point? Stuck for a few hours on a layover?  You’ve seen it before, but WHERE!?!?!?! Well thanks to our friends over at Fortress Geek, you’re days of befuddlement are over! You’ve definitely seen that city somewhere before and chances are it was on TV. What could this magical, holy land of TV production possibly be? Chances are, it’s Vancouver, British Columbia!

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Evil Geek Book Report – The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story

It’s hard to get excited about Beatles releases anymore. As a devoted fan it often feels like every stone has long since been overturned. Their relatively small musical output has been analyzed adnausem by fans and scholars alike. Their story is so engrained into pop culture it’s almost not necessary for biographies to bother to be printed about them. So it can be refreshing when something pops up that allows us to perceive Beatlemania differently and approach it from another angle. This is precisely what Vivek Tiwary’s The Fifth Beatles: The Brian Epstein Story graphic novel does.


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Evil Movie Review: 9

Greetings Tim Burton fans, I know there are a ton of you following this site since we probably have similar taste. Today I want to bring you a review of an animated film that I was really looking forward to with names like Tim Burton, Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, and Christopher Plumber associated with it. That movie is “9”, named after one of the main characters in the film. Continue forward for my spoiler filled phenomenal opinion of this movie.1068182__backgrounds-cartoon-wallpaper-character-gallery-wallpapers-9characters-images_p

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TV From The Crypts: Merlin Season 4

Anglophiles stay calm and carry on, I am bringing you another TV post from the BBC right now. Last week we delved in to Season 3 and the rising of super villainess Morgana. This week we dive right back in to Season 4 as our trusted warlock Merlin continues to be the unsung hero for Camelot. As always, some spoilers to follow, though I think I am pretty good at keeping it minimal for you naïve types that haven’t watched these shows yet.

our favorite fearless duo

our favorite fearless duo

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Tales From Westeros – The Lion and the Rose

Hi guys, are you ready to discuss this week’s Game of Thrones? I hear something crazy happened…


This episode begins with what seems like a lovely frolic through the green Northern woods. At first I thought it was children frolicking, but upon closer inspection it’s Ramsay Snow, some hounds, and two girls. There is someone else tagging along too, someone called “Reek.” This obviously does not bode well, as The Bastard of Bolton is a legit sociopath that favors torture infused with heavy-handed metaphors. It could be said that you should never accept a gift from Ramsay Snow. If his “gifts” are so terrifying, please spare me from his vengeance, thanks.

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